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Julie's lifelong passion for the wilderness and natural wellness work inspired her creation of reWild. Rewild is a unique whole person life-way to connection, empowerment, alchemy, and authenticity. Philosopher, educator, author, and outdoor enthusiast, Julie's background is extensive:


BA in Philosophy

ASIST trained Crisis Counselor

Primal Health Coach

Nature-Connected Coach

Jungian Life Coach 

Natural Wellness Educator

Tai Chi instructor

Breathwork Coach


With the mentorship and instruction of Timothy Tate, author and renowned psychotherapist, Julie has interwoven the "acorn theory" into the fertile soils of reWilding.


Through reWild Julie works with individuals and groups to foster natural, whole-person wellness focused on reconnection to the innate wisdom of body, mind, and spirit. 

reWild & Awaken

"An authentic, healthy life is our birthright...and nature is our North Star to reconnecting & embracing our legacy"

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