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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reWilding?

reWilding is a paradigm based on the premise that when an organism is removed and disconnected from its natural way of being, it suffers. Like any other animal in captivity, humans have disconnected from living in a way that honors the innate wisdom of our bodies, minds, and spirits. 


Reframing our lives based on the natural expectations (i.e. languages) of all the parts that make up what/who we are we ransform surviving into thriving. 


reWilding is a path toward reconnecting to wholeness, learning to create space to listen and communicate and choose with awareness our path forward.  Ultimately, this healthy and balanced rehabilitation to our natural way of being revitalizes and awakens our connection to life.

What is the difference between classes and one on ones?



Classes cover general lessons on a specified topic.  


One-on-ones, are an opportunity for clients to dive deeper into any reWild topic. Mentorship sessions can build upon the foundations laid out in each class, or they can be the starting point for wherever a client wishes to begin. Either way they help clients individualize their unique reWild path. These one-on-ones encourage clients to consider personal goals, values, and environmental factors; and support them into fine-tuning and implementing a life way they are designed for. 


What is the difference between a therapist and a mentor?

Many therapist help clients to focus on diagnosing behaviors, past issues, and facilitate resolution within the framework of healing.

At reWild the premise is simply that the core of who you are is unbreakable. As a result, your mentor will focus predominately on the present, and empower you to turn experiences into fuel, manifest your calling, and live your potential.

What is the reWild approach?

The reWild approach combines education and mentorship, empowering individuals to reconnect with their most authentic selves.

We focus on educating clients around the basic workings of the human body and mind, and mentoring clients around how to navigate those components as the unique individuals they are.  

Our work is client driven, acknowledging that the individual is an expert in their own life, and empowers them to reconnect and reclaim it. There is no right way to begin to reWild, clients can choose to focus on body (exercise, diet, habitat, etc.), mind (workings, needs, play, etc.), or spirit (intuition, baseline, connection, etc.), whatever arises is the right/best next step. 

In reWild mentorship we often dive deep into the "whys" behind our choices and perceptions, but our main goal is to come full circle and work to apply these insights to an authentic way of being.

What does the Discovery Session consist of?

The Discovery Session is a relaxed meet and greet where clients can ask questions about classes and services, describe their needs, and decide if the reWilding path is for them.

How should I prepare for my initial session or class?

Be open and honest, and above all be kind to yourself!

How long do I need to take classes or one on ones?

As long as you want! Some individuals do a few sessions and/or classes, some longer and more in-depth, while others have a session every once in a while.

Do you offer group consultations or workshops?

Absolutely! All classes can be done in group or workshop format, and are flexible so as to accommodate specific needs and goals.

Are sessions only only online?

Nope! Our classes and mentorship sessions can be done in person or remotely (zoom or FaceTime). Also, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list, group classes are often available in Michigan, Montana, and various national locations.

How do I get started?

Easy! Either look up your desired service here on the site and book it, or feel free to call or email us and we can set it up for you.

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