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As we reflect on the state of the world, we find that many modern "civilizations" are based on an opportunistic system. In other words, how much can I make off my neighbor and how much can I amass. In contrast, a community-based civilization where the thriving of its constituents is foundational, we  ocial structure, amenities, and services are 

In that absence of community, that's invested in it's consitutents thriving   

In lieu of 

Here are some great examples of habits, tools, and products that facilitate wellness, environmental stewardship, and the crucial skill of discernment. Like our primal ancestors, having an active and discerning sense of our relationship to our environment benefits our health and longevity. These resources are excellent starting points for growing your reWilding path!

These companies and/or products are not officially endorsed by reWild. 

Nor is reWild a paid sponsor of said companies and/or products.

"I can't take a dime, otherwise my words are compromised."

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