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Cat Lifestyle

Cat Food

What's good for the food we eat, is good for us!

And the same is true for our pets.

Free range, species appropriate diet, humanely raised and no antibiotics or hormones.  Raw, minimal processing, with micro nutrients, can be a great option for pet health. "Committed to environmental and sustainable farming," Steve's is a great example of a discerning and conscientious pet food.


SmartCat is made from 100% organic non-GMO grass seed that is chemical-free and 99% dust-free. That also means it’s a renewable resource. The moisture is removed from the seed leaving behind a high-starch, lightweight, and fine-grained litter that is quite absorbent and locking in odors. Containing no fragrance, this litter is biodegradable.

Available in the Gallatin Valley at Bridger Animal Nutrition, as well as any number of online stores!

Poo Bags

Gotta clean up that litter box!

Biodegradable, compostable, plant-derived, and Michigan based company is a great example of big picture thinking on pet waste disposal. 

Tailgate Dumpster

Not just for dogs! More and more pet owners are taking their cat's on walkabouts. 

Leave no trace includes our best friend's "deposits". 

This ingenious device makes it easier to leave our front country and back country areas healthy for the next visit.

Outdoor Cats?

Cats are amazing creatures and particularly amazing hunters! Due to their relations with humans, domesticated cats have exploded in population and decimate ecosystems.  Check out this incredible break down of their impact.

But not to worry, many alternatives are available for your feline: leashed walks, enclosed cat yards, and perimeter collars are some great ones!

Catio Ideas

Leashed walks and invisible fences are among some of the great solutions for healthy outdoor time for your cat. A "catio" is another! Check out this great article on what it's all about.

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