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Outside Habitat

Let Your Lawns Grow Wild!

Lawns aren't sustainable or helpful! Check out this great article on their origins and the science behind reWilding our urban habitats.

Urban Wildlife Habitat

Our yards, decks and/or patios are just as much a part of our habitat as the interior of our homes. Learn how to make it a truly holistic place of health for you, urban wildlife, and nature.

Water Wise Landscaping

"This guide is organized according to the seven principles for creating a Water Wise or xeriscape landscape, first developed in Denver in 1996.
These principles optimize water use while maintaining flexibility in the design of healthy, attractive, cost-effective, and Water Wise landscapes."

The Importance of Bird Baths

Bird baths help mitigate the impacts of urban deserts, drinking (water helps keep a bird's body cool both from the inside and outside), preening and feather maintenance (they insulate, waterproof and provide the power of flight), as well as provide a crucial form of play and social interaction.

Bird Safe Windows!

Simple, inexpensive solutions for reducing window strikes.

Inside Habitat