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Dog Lifestyle

Poo Bags - "Plastic"

Everybody poops!

Biodegradable, compostable, plant-derived, and Michigan based company is a great example of big picture thinking on pet waste disposal. 

Poo Bags - Paper

No Need to Preserve Poo

100% biodegradable, compostable, 12" x 12" recycled paper sheets

Tailgate Dumpster

Leave no trace includes our best friend's "deposits". 
This ingenious device makes it easier to leave our front country and back country areas healthy for the next visit.

Tag Silencer

Unless you're in the backcountry, or somewhere where announcing yourself to the wildlife is a safety measure, silencing those dog tags can be thoughtful to your hound and everyone around you.

Dog Food

Whats good for the food we eat, is good for us!

And the same is true for our pets.

Free range, species appropriate diet, humanely raised and no antibiotics or hormones.  Raw, minimal processing, with micro nutrients, can be a great option for pet health. "Committed to environmental and sustainable farming," Steve's is a great example of a discerning and conscientious pet food.

Toys, treats, collars & leashes, beds, and feeding asseccories!

Safe, sustainable materials that are better for the earth, for our workers, and for our pets.

Products: Using ocean plastics, recycled waterbottles, nasty chemical free.

Snacks: Grassfed | Pasture-raised | Family farms | Free of antibiotics or hormones

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